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Goldilocks and the Three… Pairs… of… Scarf Edgings…

Once upon a time, there was an Unnecessary Yarn Order. A wee little order, just one skein of Finest Silke. And your Narrator waited and waited for notice that the Yarn was on its way, but no notice came.

Oh woe, thought the Narrator, and promptly contacted the Purveyors of Ye Olde Yarn Crack. But still, no notice came. Your Narrator worried that perhaps her missive had been eaten by a Dragon. On and on, she waited.

And finally, there came a distant message from yon Purveyors of Ye Olde Yarn Crack. Sure enough, Emaile Dragons had intercepted the missive, but all was well. The Yarn was being painted by Magickal Yarn Faeries, and would be on its way shortly.

Day after day, your Narrator waited for the messenger that would bring the Yarn. A fortnight passed, and there was no sign of any Yarn. On the plus side, there was no sign of Dragons either, or Burninated Peasants. So, there was that. Finally, just when your Narrator was about to give up all hope, an envelope arrived.

Your Narrator opened the envelope to find a…


Oops, hang on, that’s a bundle of tissue paper.


Oh, come on, that’s just a tease. Get with the yarn porn already.


Right, that’s better. Okay, where was I?

Ahem. Your Narrator opened the envelope to find a most lovely bundle of Finest Silke, painted in colours of such beauty only achieved by the most talented of Magickal Yarn Faeries.


And waiting for the Silke, in a shocking display of pre-planning and utilization of your Narrator’s Whole Asse, was a pattern for a lace scarf. Er, well, a lace chart of sorts. Lace Charte? I can’t keep this up much longer.


All that was left to do was find a matching cast-on and bind-off to edge the scarf, and your Narrator could start knitting with the Finest Silke, instead of writing insipid fairy-tale blog entries about not knitting with The Finest Silke.

Some scrap Yarn was procured, and the swatching began.

First, your Narrator tried an i-cord cast-on and bind-off. “This porridge edging is too hot messy”, said the swatch. “Also, your cast on stitches are all loose, because you suck,” continued the swatch. “Shut up, swatch,” replied your Narrator.

Next, a simple long tail cast-on matched with a purl bind-off. “This edging matches perfectly fine, but you’re not going to use it because you’re so obsessive-compulsive that it’ll bug you that the bumpy purl-y bit is smaller on the cast-on than the bind-off,” said the swatch.

“Swatches can’t talk,” said your Narrator.

“And you’re totally telling this story wrong anyway,” continued the swatch, “aren’t you supposed to be talking about cold porridge at this point? And where are all the bears?”

“I have sharp, pointy knitting needles,” your Narrator replied.

“I’ll be good,” promised the swatch.

Finally, your Narrator tried a few rows of garter stitch at each end. “There’s nothing really wrong with this edging,” said the swatch, “so you may as well just use it.”

Your Narrator eyed the swatch critically. “Ehh. I guess it’s okay. But… I don’t think I really like it. I want something better.”

“Haven’t you been listening? This is the part of the story where you’re supposed to say that the edging is just right. Well, the porridge, but you’ve obviously decided to take some creative license on that,” complained the swatch.

“But it isn’t just right,” insisted your Narrator, “I don’t like it.”

“Look,” snapped the swatch, “nobody likes an open-ended story. You need some closure here. Pick an edging, live happily ever after, and for fuck’s sake stop capitalizing random words.”

“Never!” Yelled Your Narrator Jubilantly. “You Will Pry My Random Capitalization From… yeah, okay.”

“So? The edging?”

“Um… well… hey, look over there! Look at that lovely yarn porn!”



The Most Evile swatch was eaten by a Dragon, and your Narrator and the Yarn of Finest Silke lived happily ever after. The end.





… hey, so, anyone have a suggestion for a nice matching cast-on and bind-off and/or edging for a lace scarf? Just… no picots. Don’t talk to me about picots.


  1. Lisa says:

    I haven’t tried these personally, but what about tubular cast-on/cast-off? And have you checked out Montse Stanley “Knitter’s Handbook”? There’s a section with paired cast-ons/cast-offs.

  2. Kendyl says:

    Got no ideas on the cast on/bind off, but that yarn is awesome!

  3. ekittie says:

    Lovely yarn. Amusing entry. :)

    Maybe a crochet cast on/bind off?

  4. ekittie says:

    Crap, posted too soon.

    Or, use a provisional cast on and then bind off both edges in the same way?

  5. Rivka says:

    That yarn makes me drool. Kudos on your hilarious post. I love reading your blog!

  6. Becca says:

    This post has made my dreary awful comp graphics class TOTALLY AMAZING. no, really, a yarn-porn fairy tale with talking swatches? made of win.
    And when I get home, I am going to look in Ye Olde Giant Book of Edgings (that is to say, Knitting on the Edge) and see if I can’t find something lovely for you :)

  7. Kelly says:

    Ha! This is why I love your blog.

    Also, that yarn is gorgeous. Not just gorgeous. Fantabulous.