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half-assed knit blog
half-assed knit blog
January, 2009

Angry Nun Is Angry

No, I have not abandoned this blog.

No, I am not actually blogging now, either.

Just posting to try to lure you all into Round 2 of the Obscuriosity KAL. Nominations and voting are open and will end on Jan. 7, after which the KAL will start. Come play!

And also posting to promise that I will return to this poor, neglected blog sometime soon, if only because I have some mittens to knit, and we all know that mittens hate me, and no doubt something terrible will happen with them, and it will be entertaining.

As an apology for still not updating the blog, in keeping with my tradition of apology drawings, here is a picture of an angry nun.

angry nun is angry

I’d say that she was angry at me for not blogging, but I’m not so sure that nuns would approve of my blog.