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half-assed knit blog
half-assed knit blog

I have an evil plan.

I’ve decided what to do about the monster hat. I’m going to rewrite the pattern completely – instead of trying to match my hat exactly – and then test-knit the new version. Because the only thing better than owning one ridiculous head-eating monster is owning two ridiculous head-eating monsters.

Of course I have no yarn. Some stasher I am. I rummaged through my yarn bin and the only appropriate thing I found was a gold-ish ball of Elann’s Highland Wool. Thing is, I’m not sure 109 yards is enough for a hat with earflaps and i-cord ties, and if I buy another ball I’ll have to place an Elann order, and if I place an Elann order, I will buy EVERYTHING.

I have to go to Michaels to get some giant googly eyes, so I suppose I’ll just pick up a ball of Patons Classic Wool. Yes. Must be good. *twitch*

Maddy is almost done. Its pattern is, um, not.


Fifi is nowhere close to being almost done, possibly because I’ve been ignoring it and it stubbornly refuses to knit itself. But I’ve at least split the sleeves off and started the body.


My ball of Royal Bamboo has spontaneously sprouted a mouth (not pictured), and is using said mouth to yell at me for not knitting with it yet. But I have promised myself that I won’t start anything new until Maddy is done. No bamboo headband, no Monster Hat II: Electric Cliché-a-loo, no doing evil Diamond Mesh Lace type things to that skein of Mini Maiden in the yarn bin. I will be good. I will be good.

P.S. I fail at being good. It’s Sunday and I ordered yarn again. I only spent $25, and got something I’ve wanted for a long time, so I don’t feel too guilty, but – what is it about Sundays? I wonder if I can set my computer to block all yarn shops on Sundays.

I’m not saying what I bought, because it should make for some lovely yarn pr0n when it arrives.


  1. Rivka says:

    Wow both projects are looking fabulous. And I LOVE the black ribbon on the Fifi. I too add ribbons wherever possible.

    P.S. I quoted you in my blog. Hope you don’t mind! Let me know if you do.

  2. Glenna C says:

    Maddy looks lovely!
    And bless you for using “its” properly in a sentence.

  3. Mae says:

    I love Maddy. When you write a pattern up for that bad-girl I am totally going to have to knit it!!! After seeing it on you of course… you’re the devil like that. I’ve got yarn for TWO Coachella’s after seeing it on you! haha.

    I think that’s a huge problem… stash just fuels more stash! I just got the like… 24 balls of yarn + three from my mother’s stash and I’m already craving adding more to it!!! DAMN YOU LUSCIOUS LUSCIOUS FIBER!!!