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I Still Don’t Wanna Blog And You Still Can’t Make Me

I has a computer!

I schlepped the 4.5-year-old dying PowerBook to the Apple Store, where the genius type people told me exactly what I didn’t want to hear: “logic board”. Oh lord. Not this again. In terms of repair costs, that roughly translates to “bend over!” followed by a maniacal cackle. Ah, well. It had a good run. So I am now the proud owner of a shiny white MacBook. Well, mostly proud. We’ve had a few fights already, but I think with some time and some counseling we can make this relationship work.

One would think that without a computer, I’d get plenty of knitting done. Er. I made… a hat. And… um… nope, just a hat. Which my camera seems to hate, because it won’t take a proper picture of it, but once I smack some sense into it soothe it with loving calming words, I’ll throw up a FO post for the hat. It’s a cute hat. But really, all that time and just a hat? Huh.

Well, then, one would think that I’d be eager to get back to blogging, at least. Eh… not so much.

I started this blog about a year ago. No, it’s not my blogiversary (oh god, that word) yet. I know I won’t remember when the actual date comes ’round so let’s meta-ramble about it now, shall we? Obviously I was not so much into the blogging thing at first. I just wanted a place to dump project info. Hence my blog name, which I guess is a bit of a misnomer now, because I’m using a good three-quarters of my ass. But I’m not changing it. I heart that little half-donkey.

So I took a liking to knitblogging. I still like it. But, full disclosure: I was glad to have a legitimate excuse to ignore the blog for awhile. I’m not sure why. Just needed a break, I guess. I’m still behind on emails and PMs and such. Probably because I’ve been ignoring them and they refuse to answer themselves. You’d think that with today’s advanced technology they’d answer themselves. Who can I complain to about this?

Anyway. I’m back now. And I’ll have to go back to using lame, stupid excuses when I ignore my emails, since my legitimate excuse has been replaced by a MacBook. Woo!



How do I write a knit blog entry with no knitting content? I need pictures of something. I’ve got pictures of… something. I have a new toy.


Eeeee! I’ve wanted a tablet for years, and I spotted one on sale last week and finally took the plunge. It’s just a little basic one but it’ll do just fine. It arrived yesterday, and thus began the fun time of learning how to draw with the thing.


Yeah, I clearly had a whole lot of learning to do. But pretty soon I’d progressed from the drawing skills of a 4-year-old to the drawing skills of a 7-year-old. (Not a particularly talented 7-year-old, mind you.) But there was still a problem. The problem was Wrongcat.

Let’s meet Wrongcat!


Wrongcat is wrong. It’s easily recognizable as a cat, but there is clearly something wrong with it. And yet, I sort of love Wrongcat. I drew a wrongbunny, and a wrongflamingo (actually the flamingo itself was quite nice, but the speech bubble coming from it saying “I (heart) green condoms” was the wrong part. Er. Long story…), and various other wrongcreatures, and even a second Wrongcat. It was an improvement on the first one…

Wrongcat 2: Electric Boogaloo

… but you know, it really lacked the creepy charm of original Wrongcat.

By the end of the day, I had reached the skill level of a moderately talented 12-year-old (no pics, because they’re not bad enough to mock… heh), so I am confident that pretty soon I’ll be able to draw things that are actually good. Maybe I’ll redraw my half-donkey. The current one was drawn with a mouse, and that’s just tragic.

Now, since I went and bought a pricey-even-on-sale toy, I am officially on a yarn diet. Well, I’m kind of always on a yarn diet, but now it’s more of a strict, unhealthy starvation diet. Yarn anorexia, if you will. I’m not much of a stasher, but I’ve got enough yarn on hand that I probably won’t go mad. What this does mean is that I definitely won’t be going to the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto this month. While I love my new toy, I still need to sulk about that for a moment.


Okay, I’m done now.

Next time, back to your regularly scheduled knitting content!


  1. Sarah R says:

    Good to see you back, even if in a half-assed way! My daughter gave me her small tablet for a while but then discovered the need to take it to college with her. Perhaps I’ll just take over her large tablet! (Yes, she’s wildly spoiled.) That’ll teach her.

    Can’t wait to see the hat.

  2. jenfromRI says:

    Damn, I couldn’t have drawn that donkey with a mouse. Or a tablet, probably.

    Welcome back!

  3. Michaela says:

    Welcome Back!!

  4. Aunt Kathy says:

    Oh now not only do I WANT a laptop but I must have a TABLET too. Guess I’ll just have to settle playing with ym grandsons magna doodle for awhile longer.

  5. marianne says:

    HAHAH! I love your wrong beasties…
    blogging, meh… I’ve been down a hole… it was nice and quiet down there too…. good to see you.

  6. Jamie says:

    Even if you don’t want to blog, it is a happy thing to know about your new toy!

    What kind of a hat?

    Remember the Aquamarina, (or something like that). Still looking forward to seeing that project, too!

    I need a new toy…I’m going shopping.

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. becca says:

    Yay! You’re back! And you’d better get back to blogging, you are too entertaining to not be spewing randomness on the interwebs.

  8. Cass says:

    Yay! I’m so happy you’re back! I also can’t believe you drew that donkey with a mouse :O

    Might that hat be the Nippled Hat Boob?! Should I go looking for my Rowan Chunky Print?! <—- Is all sorts of excited

  9. Dana says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a pic of WrongBunny!

  10. Taueret says:

    Wrongcat is kool,and I do not even like cats much. Good to see you posting.

  11. eSS says:

    Hope you are having fun with the tablet !!! I wouldn’t mind seeing more pictures :)
    Have Fun!

  12. Marion says:

    Loved wrongcat. Did you do a wrongdog?

    We are looking forward to the hat. It’s good to see you back in blogworld.

  13. Ladylungdoc says:

    Wrongcat has an eerie resemblance to our calico – the cat who has “issues”.

    Happy to see you back!

  14. MonkeyGurrl says:

    Damn, you crack me up. I don’t care if you’re pontificating on knitting, pooters (working or non), or anything else your creative yet twisted mind comes up with, you always entertain me. For this selfish reason, I’m glad you’re back. Also, I will be saying “I heart green condoms” randomly throughout the day, just for sh*ts and giggles.

    I’m very, very happy to have you back.

  15. Crafty mom says:

    I Heart Wrong Cat. I like your drawing, better then mine!

  16. Tanya says:

    Just so you know, in case this random kernel of information is somehow randomly useful to you , I would totally buy a wrongcat t-shirt.

    You drew that donkey with a MOUSE?!? I’m impressed. I’d be even more impressed if you could draw a mouse with a donkey, though.

  17. bethini says:

    Coming out of lurkdom to say hey, welcome back! Missed your blog and I’m looking forward to seeing more wrongimals. A wrongmoose! A wronghorse!

  18. Kristina says:

    I’ve been laughing for the last half hour or so reading your blog. I just got onto it through a link on Ravelry – but I’ll be back.


    A Type A Knitter but half-assed seamster

  19. Marie says:

    I too am coming out of lurking to say welcome back and I missed your blog. I think this household would cry if you stopped blogging – you’re the only knitblogger who can make my boyfriend laugh. Every once in a while he’ll say, “What was that yarn made of? Oh yes, pointy sheep and sandpaper and bees.” and crack up all over again.

  20. Samantha says:

    OMG, every time I read one of your posting, you truly crack me up. While I think I can learn a thing or two from your site, I keep coming back for your judicious use of snark and expletives. You’re fucking hilarious!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Wrongcat captures the essence of Cat. Greatly resembles my Mikey in attitude. Way better than various popular media renditions.