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November is Masochism Month

I usually do NaNoWriMo every November. I’ve done it for four years and have written some truly horrible and hilarious novels. I just opened up last year’s novel, and it includes such chapter titles as:

  • The Case of the Missing Back Hair
  • Suck My Godly Cock!
  • In Which Nothing of Interest Happens
  • NinjaPirateZombieViking
  • The Inevitable Jello Orgy
  • Hippopotamus, Revisited

That is the sort of “great” “literature” I produce every November. But I’m not doing it this year, for a bunch of reasons that are mind-numbingly boring so I won’t speak of them. It doesn’t seem right to be doing nothing at all, though. November is Masochism Month! I need some ridiculous challenge that will make my life miserable!

So perhaps I should try this NaKniSweMo thing. I have two sweaters* that I want to make and already have the yarn for, right? The textured tunic and the Garnstudio jacket thing? I could be ready to start either one by November. But which one to make? Textured tunic would probably be the easier knit, but the jacket thing would be at a larger gauge and probably quicker. Hmm…

* As I typed “two sweaters”, the universe laughed loudly at me.

But. Buuuut. There’s always a but, and really it’s more of an ass, in the “oh ass crap fuck ass ass ass!” sense. My pile of indecisive Silky Wool has crawled inside my head, not unlike a brain parasite. I was poking around on Ravelry and spotted this pattern.

Now, I don’t want to make that sweater. Of course not, that would be too easy. But it gave me an idea. So I pulled out the sketchbook and drew up a little exercise in v-necks and asymmetry.


Hmm. Cute. Cute, right? Stockinette and moss stitch only, nothing more complicated that would melt into yarn poo. Just a little weird with the angles of the front panels. Okay. I could maybe make this. I could see this in Silky Wool. Good. Okay. Problem solved.

Poke poke poke, around the internets, for nothing in particular because NOW I KNOW WHAT I’M MAKING HA. Oh, look, the Winter 2007 Interweave Knits preview is up. Well, I’d better take a look, just in case there’s something even more suitable for the Silky Wool. You never know…

Ha ha ha, sez the universe.

I went through the whole list, and nothing caught my eye. Until I got to the very last pattern. Rosemary’s Swing Jacket.

Well crap. That kind of reminds me of the Thing I sketched, except weirder and better. Moss stitch everywhere! Crazy asymmetrical front with a crazy asymmetrical collar! I wants it!

But, well, it’s written for worsted weight yarn, so I’d have to do lots of The Math to make it work in Silky Wool, and it’s shaped kind of weird, and the front panel doesn’t look like it would stay put in Real Life, and the mag doesn’t come out for awhile, and I don’t know whether it’s full of icky seaming and and and wait. WAIT. I am a fucking designer. A crappy wannabe designer, perhaps, but was I not already dissecting this sweater, trying to figure out the construction and what the hell the big collar was connected to and… I don’t even need a pattern. I can make this right now. It’s actually a really simple sweater, just with angled front panels and a collar that’s attached to the back front panel then folded over the front front panel.

I can make that as a standard top down raglan cardigan, then pick up stitches at the neck and do a sort of asymmetrical (there’s that word again) trapezoid-shaped collar. And I can change the bits I don’t like. I can do one angled front panel and one straight one, because I like the contrast. I can make it more fitted. I can move the pointed bit of the front panel downwards and add a button. I can lengthen the sleeves and bell them a bit.

And best of all, since I am blatantly ripping off someone else’s pattern, I will feel no obligation to write up a pattern for this thing, since it ain’t my design. Yea!


What do you think, O Temperamental Pile of Silky Wool? Is that what you want to become?

I don’t know about NaKniSweMo. Now there are THREE sweaters that want to be knit (not to mention my still-neglected Fifi), and I am no good at project monogamy. We’ll see, I guess. November isn’t November without a good healthy dose of masochism!


  1. Vicki says:

    Though I loved that swing jacket from the preview, I think your modifications make it perfect. I really hope you knit this, cause I’d love to see it!

    Also, what makes a pullover a jacket? This has been driving me crazy, and I think it’s the single reason I don’t like the Tree Jacket despite it being an adorable pattern and looking like a fun knit.

  2. chris says:

    I really love the changes you made – it needed to be more fitted and I think you should make it asap!

  3. Cathy says:

    That IK swing jacket caught my eye as well. It’s pretty much the only one that did from that issue, but damn I wish I bought the Fall issue…

    Good luck with your adventure in masochism. Me, I’ve been masochistic since summer. Now I’m ready for some good, soul-nuturing knitting.

  4. Shannon says:

    You are awesome. And yes, it would be an exercise in masochism. But the fun kind! THE FUN KIND! Go for it!

  5. Floderten says:

    Good luck with the sweater; I hope it works out for you! :) Perhaps I should try out NaKniSweMo thing.. I have a Tangled Yoke Cardi that’s only done to the waist ribbing; I should finish it soon. Hmm, do I smell a challenge? Yes, I believe I do! Do I smell defeat?? Well yes, I believe I do!!! ;)
    I’d never pull through; I’m too scatter-brained and procrastinating for that stuff.. But I’ll give it a half-hearted try. :P

    I know this is odd, but I love you swear so much on your blog. :P I’m getting sick of “oh my golly” and “bujeesus”.
    … mum says I have the vocabulary of a sailor. Perhaps that’s got something to do with it? ;)