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Leave me alone, Maddy…

As promised, Maddy pattern is up.

I’m so very tired.

A final burst of idiocy: I was trying to find a method to calculate how big to knit the yoke; something more concrete than my usual method of “hold it up in front of the mirror, say ‘okay, what the hell, that looks about right'”. So I came up with a formula that used the body stitch count to calculate the yoke stitch count. Then I realized that the formula to calculate the body stitch count used the yoke stitch count. Um. Oops.

(If you’re curious, the method I ended up going with was “try it on, dammit”.)

Then I proofread the pattern and found a whole bunch of errors. Okay, like, three, but that’s still three too many. Good: they’re not there anymore. Bad: I apparently cannot write up a pattern without errors, so there might be more still in there that I am too tired to catch. I’m sure people will find them and tell me about them, possibly with added profanities.

Perhaps this will improve my mood:


Alas, there is nothing fun and frivolous in there, only useful stuff. Still, new goodies! And the brown yarn will become Monster Hat: The Second Coming. Brain-eating hats definitely qualify as frivolous, right?


  1. M.E. says:

    Thank you for all your hard work! Maddy is definitely a pattern to be proud of. I asked about how to subscribe earlier… I’m not on blogroll or any of those. I tried something like that and it was text only. I need my pics! Where can I go to get pictures and have all my blogs in a neat and tidy bundle?

  2. Floderten says:

    I’ve been wanting that book for ages! Let me know if it’s worth the money; I need a book about finishing techniques (I usually can’t be bothered to do it properly, since all the knitting fun is over, so it’s usually a botch job!).

  3. Cathy says:

    Thanks for offering the pattern for free!! I just assumed you would be selling it. I’m putting this pattern on my mental knitlist. It’ll probably be a while before I knit it because my stash is currently void of dk (or is sport?) weight silk yarn. No new yarn acquisitions until I reduce my current stash. >.

  4. TamTAm says:

    I’m going to try this top down.
    I wanted to know if you worked any problems you had with it ?
    I’m going out to get some bamboo.