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Silkiest bunch of silk that ever silked…


This is the top that never ends…
Yes it goes on and on my friends…
Some people started knitting it not knowing what it was
And now continue knitting it forever just because…

It is taking forever plus fifteen minutes, it looks like hot buttered ass and it’s pissing me off. Okay, it looks like shiny, silky ass, which is marginally better, but still. I like the pattern. Well, the non-pattern. The pattern in my head, which I have managed to write up about 3% of. I am just kind of wishing that I made it in some nice, cheap, mercerized cotton. Not only would it probably look better, but if it didn’t, I wouldn’t care, because it was cheap!

I can’t even take a proper picture because the bottom is crammed onto a 24″ circ, but I tried:


I’m telling myself to do 1 repeat of the lace pattern (8 rows) every day, time permitting. Otherwise I think I would ball it up and throw it in the yarn bin, and stick my fingers in my ears and hum whenever I was forced to remember its existence.


4 repeats in, at least 4 more to go, at which point I’ll see whether it’s long enough. It won’t be, of course, because the universe hates me. Lousy stinking universe.

But damn if it isn’t kind of pretty, in all its hotbutteredassiness…


Noooo. I will stand firm. I will not be seduced by its silky silk silkiness. YOU WON’T TAKE ME ALIVE, FOUL YARNY TEMPTRESS.

I am clearly going mad.


  1. heatherfeather says:

    that is the prettiest clump of hot, buttered ass i ever done seen.

  2. Webbo says:

    I’m getting a strong tang of impending meltdown from this post! Seriously, that top is lovely. If it’s giving you grief, maybe you need a break from each other – it’d be rubbish if a beautiful thing like that wasn’t enjoyable to make. On the other hand, it makes me laugh a lot when your knits go evil, so maybe you should press on…