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half-assed knit blog

Shopping Trip

The good…


Ribbon for the soul-eating Lelah and buttons for the mohair monstrosity. Soon I’ll have some new FOs, hurrah!

The bad…


What am I going to do with a spool of pink ribbon that I totally don’t need? Hell if I know. I just thought it was pretty, so I bought it, because I suck. Whatever, it cost 59 cents.

Aaaaand the ugly…

Hang on, you might want to brace yourself for this. It’s a little frightening. I mean it. Scroll further at your own risk.


Oh yes. That is Fun Fur. It’s not even real Fun Fur, it’s cheap imitation Fun Fur. And I purchased it. Willingly. It was in the clearance bin for only 99 cents a ball, but it’s still Fun Fur.

I swear there is a reason for this purchase, and I have not gone mad. You’ll see.

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