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FO: Eyelet Headwrap

For some reason, I got it into my head that I wanted to participate in a knitting challenge over at Craftster. The challenge was to knit something but spend $10 or less on materials. This appealed to my poor ass, but I didn’t know what the hell to make.

So I was wandering around Zellers, and saw this bag of stick-on googly eyes, and that was it. I had to knit something and stick googly eyes on it. There was no other option.

I was excited… but it was, like, March 23rd, and the challenge deadline was the end of March, and I am the slowest knitter in the universe. Still, it got finished in time, and of course didn’t win anything, and I learned a few lessons from the experience:

Lesson 1: Do not participate in a knitting challenge just for the sake of participating in a knitting challenge.

Lesson 2: Knitting within a very small time limit is NO FUN.

Lesson 3: Googly eyes are awesome. (I already knew this, but it’s always good to reinforce this lesson.)


I was trying to copy the diagonal eyelet pattern I saw here. I don’t think I guessed the pattern exactly right, but I came pretty close.

IMG_3876.JPG IMG_3881.JPG

Yarn: Bernat Cool Crochet in Crisp White, less than 1 ball
Needles: size 5


(I am guessing at this, because I didn’t write it down. Because I suck.)

CO 22 sts.

Work a few rows of garter stitch.

Repeat these two rows until the piece is long enough:
1: k3, *yo, k2tog, k3* 3 times, yo, k2tog, k2
2: k3, p to last 3 sts, k3

Work a few more rows of garter stitch, BO.

I attached the eyes with little metal snaps, since I don’t like sticking things to my knitting. This means they’re removable, if I want the headwrap to be cute instead of vaguely creepy. But why would I want that?

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