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Nom Nom Nom Cowl



Nom nom nom. If that’s the sound you’re making when petting the yarn you’ve picked out for this cowl, then you’ve chosen the right yarn. Sure, you could make it in good old workhorse peruvian wool if you want to, but with a requirement of less than 200 yards of yarn, this is the perfect opportunity to splurge a little.

Don’t need another hat? Yarn too fussy for mittens? Can’t afford enough for a scarf? What could you ever make with that little bit of yummy yarn?

Why, you can make a Nom Nom Nom Cowl, of course. Now you know.

Difficulty level: easy as delicious pie. Fine for a beginner. If you can knit in the round, or think you can learn how, you’re all set.

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· Diamond Yarn Luxury Collection Mulberry & Merino (50% merino wool, 50% silk, 90 yards per 50g skein), 2 skeins; shown in colour 7324
· US 7 16″ or 24″ circular needle
· stitch marker
· tapestry needle


18 sts = 4″ in garter stitch. Getting exact gauge isn’t terribly important, just try to get somewhere close, or adjust to your liking.

Pattern Notes:

Yarn Substitutions:

Any worsted weight yarn should work. As the cowl is on the large side, you could also use a DK weight and either follow the pattern as written for a smaller cowl, or resize it (see below). If you want to go smaller than DK, along with adding more stitches, you’ll also want to add more rows to each section (instructions not included, you’re on your own, but it should be pretty straightforward).

You’ll need around 150-200 yards of yarn for the given size in worsted weight. Pictured cowl used 175-180 yards.

Do not eat your yarn. Nom nom. Nom.


Can be made wider or narrower to your liking; just cast on any multiple of 7 sts and then follow the pattern as written.

Can be made longer by extending the last section, as outlined in the pattern.


sl1: slip 1 st purlwise with yarn in back


CO 98 sts. Place marker and join.

R1: k to end.
R2: *p6, sl1* to end.

Rep R1 & R2 8 more times. 18 rows completed.

R19: k5, kfb, *k13, kfb*, to 8 sts from end, k8.
R20: *p7, sl1, p6, sl1* to end.

Rep R1 & R20 8 more times. 36 rows completed.

R37: k13, kfb, *k14, kfb* to 1 st from end, k1.
R38: *p7, sl1* to end.

Rep R1 & R38 8 more times. 54 rows completed.

R55: k6, kfb, *k15, kfb* to 9 sts from end, k9.
R56: *p8, sl1, p7, sl1* to end.

Rep R1 and R56 8 more times, OR to preferred length, OR until you’re about to run out of yarn.

K 1 row.
BO. Weave in ends. Block if desired.

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