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FO: Coachella

A week of procrastination and a bottle of Fray Check later, here it is!


Pattern: Coachella
Size: XS (hee hee hee)
Yarn: Romni Wools Pure Silk in colour 12551, 3 balls
Needles: US 9 and US 7


That is me, being a pattern-following sheep. And I love it! Not that I’m going to stop modifying every pattern in sight, or stop saying “fuck the pattern, I’m just gonna improvise it”. It’s just a nice break, is all. It’s especially nice when the pattern only requires 400 yards or so of yarn, and a few days of obsessive knitting. And it’s really especially nice when the FO turns out to be pretty damn hot.

Even the phantom backfat has left me alone; no doubt it has found a new target to stalk. Keep an eye on your cameras, folks, your back could be next. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!


Look ma, no backfat!

So yes, there were mods, little ones.

· There was knitting the whole thing a size too small. I highly recommend this, as long as your yarn can stand a bit of stretching. I always have trouble with knits fitting at the bust but being too loose around the waist. Why, I have no idea, because I have neither a giant bust nor a tiny waist. But with this top’s unusual construction, going a size down meant it fit at the waist, fit at the bust, and the neck drape was perfect – tantalizingly low, but not quite “HAY EVERYBODY, SEE MY TITS?” low. Now if you do this, and happen to have hips, you will need…

· Added hip increases. Now, there is an awesome song by Deirdre Flint, called The Boob Fairy. It contains these lines:

Though the hip fairy came two times
And the thigh fairy came three
The boob fairy never came for me

I hear ya, sister. I think I am going to have to take out a restraining order against the hip and thigh fairies, because they won’t leave me alone.

The pattern calls for 3 sets of increases. I did 6 sets. Yes, that’s right, that’s almost 3 inches of extra hip. Because my hips are giant. They are giant hips. You will probably not need 3 extra sets, but maybe 1 or 2. Unless you have giant hips. Like my giant hips. Then go for 3. Because giant hips require DOUBLING THE FREAKING NUMBER OF INCREASES. I’m not bitter.

· I also left out the waist decreases, mostly because it was only a half-inch decrease for the XS size, and since it was already a size too small I figured there was no need to make it smaller. Worked out fine, but I imagine it would be best to leave them in for larger sizes, where it’s more than a half-inch difference.

I’ve noticed that the top wants to slide down enough to show my bra. It was still a little damp when I tried it on, so I’m hoping it will be a bit lighter and less influenced by gravity when it’s completely dry. If not, I’ll probably have to break out the (dun dun DUN) backless-bra-conversion straps. Or pick up stitches along the armholes and make ’em smaller, but I like the way they look now, so I’ll probably go the torture-bra route.

The yarn is still delicious. I am a silk whore, I think. What can I say, I love shiny things.


Who knew that a knit top could qualify as club wear?


  1. Webbo says:

    Hello, sexyback! That is a hot, hot top. I love the sheeny, shiny silk. Perfect.

  2. Stacey says:

    That’s beautiful! Great job – it is perfect for a night on the town :D

  3. Harmony says:

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE. i love silk as well. i find it strong, and pretty, cool on the skin and well..everything good. its cashmere for summer. its gorgeous. what yarn?

  4. Jeanne says:

    Its beautiful!

  5. Mae says:

    Ooooooooooooh! I LOVE it!!!
    I’m hoping to (miraculous… I know) knit it up in a matter of a week for a friend’s birthday. SIGH. We shall see If I can make this deadline or not!!!

  6. heatherfeather says:

    dang! that is hotness! i hate mine so much i never even wove the ends in…

    i’m glad yours is happy-making for you!

  7. Lisa says:

    It looks really good!

  8. Shells says:

    It is fantastic! That pattern is just too hot!

  9. Holly of HollYarns says:

    Looks great! I think I’ll have to add it to my must-knit-list.

  10. carrieknits says:

    That looks fabulous!! And definately one of the first knits that met “club” standards as you say!! Great job!

  11. Michelle says:

    Wow that top looks great on you! Fits perfedctly!

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